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Photographs are images.

We see with our eyes and listen with our ears.

In fact, we see images with our “mind’s eyes” and with our entire being.

The power of perception awakens our bodily sensation, and

it stimulates our mind and body at the same time.

This series of photographs “Absence” points to the intangible.

My camera was drawn to the clouds

-  a window into an inner aspect of self.

Float, drift, swirl, flow. They come, they leave.

The shape changes every moment.

It leaves nothing but emptiness.

It is this existential void that my lens so desired to capture.

It is not just about seeing a picture or looking into a moment of reality.

It is about feeling, and sensing what is not there to meet the eyes.

It is not about the presence but the absence.

anzai hideaki 

Born in Fukushima, Japan. He studied photography at Emily Carr University &

Langara College, Vancouver, where he now resides.

He continues to be fascinated with his passion in photography and devotes

his time in the work of monochrome.

2018  “State of Stillness”    Gallery 5610, Tokyo
2016  “In the moment”      Promo-Arte Project Gallery, Tokyo
2015  “ Quiet Expansion ”   Promo-Arte Project Gallery, Tokyo
2014  “ APA”                     Atelier Kasuga,  Shizuoka
2013  “ Winter Sound ”      Gallery HINOKI, Tokyo
2012  “ Still Wind ”            KAGURAZAKA KOURINTEI GALLERY, Tokyo



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